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By Puthalath Koroth Raghuprasad
Odessa, Texas
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This website is made with the primary purpose of explaining the role spin of celestial bodies play in maintaining order in the universe. The idea that spin of the bodies is the most important fundamental property of matter and one that is essential for the proper functioning of the universe is an original idea put forward by this author. The scientific articles entitled "Spinning Universe: A Hypothesis" , "Planetary Spin-Orbit Attributes in the Planets and their wider implications" and : "How spin and gravity orchestrate order" and,  the journalistic article "Spin a fundamental property of matter" were written by me. I invite all readers to write their responses as well and to submit articles of their own for consideration for posting on this website. Both I and the website managers reserve the right to accept only articles having sufficient scientific merit for posting on this website, However, all responses in the form of comments will be entertained.

While the major thrust of this website is to promote the idea of spin as having a central role in the functioning of the universe, other topics of interest will also be entertained in this website. I have already posted an article dealing with the speed of light and related matter; this is entitled "Speed of light, to beat or not to beat". I am now preparing an article on  "Synchronous and Reverse Rotations in the solar system explained",  and will be posted in this website in the foreseeable future.  My article entitled "Why the Sky is Blue" has been published (Physics Essays 30:1, 2017 2017) and has been posted to this website.