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Anonymous 04 Dec : 20:39
I can't wait to read why the sky is blue.

Neale Cohen 03 Sep : 08:15

Dear sir
See comments below which I have posted on the Daily Galaxy website. I think there is something in this

I am not a physicist but I can't help thinking that current theory has missed something here. A couple of basic principles: Everything spins! Surely this is an obvious sign that the universe itself is spinning. If this is the case then it is not surprising that the galaxies are apprently accelerating away from eachother. (In fact the universe is accelerating towards them). This is surely the explanation for the current observations and does not involve a mystical dark matter.

I would also propose that the universe is a spinning medium and not an inert vacuum as thought. If this is the case then the medium must have properties that allow wave travel. My memory of physics is that waves need a medium to travel through and that a medium has internal forces or tensions. This is a bit like string theory but really wave theory. Is it not possible that spin and the internal forces of the "fabric" of the universe could be responsible for all of natures forces?
Interested in any comments